“Rowan is humble, calm and always ready to help; exactly the characteristics you need in a world-class conductor. These qualities have made Rowan invaluable to theatrical productions around the globe, as well as making him a highly skilled collaborator with whom you will be happy to spend lots of time. As a conductor he is clear, kind and patient with all and as a musician he is simply a cut above.”
“Rowan delivers insightful notes and critiques, stemming from a deep understanding of the score, as well as open, collaborative dialogue and unfeigned artistic support. It is rare indeed and much appreciated to encounter a new colleague who is able to build such a positive rapport so quickly, and with whom an honest and easy discourse is fostered from the start.”
“So crazy talented!”
“A genuine pleasure to work with. His eye for detail and quick editing skills, along with his willingness to embrace the observations and ideas of colleagues, are invaluable.”